What is a limo bus?

A limo buses like we have are like night clubs on wheels. They are the length of a regular limo but have the height and space of a bus. Inside, there are all sorts of entertainment features provided.

What sort of features are inside?

We have all the modern entertainment and navigational features in all of our vehicles. Look on the VEHICLES page for specific details for each vehicle.

Are there any specials available?

There are specials based on the time of the year. There are many variables that go into the end cost. Talk to one of our agents for more details.

Can I drink booze on board?

Yes, alcohol is allowed only if everybody on board is 21 or older. If anyone is underage, drinking is prohibited for all.

Should I bring my own drinks?

Yes. Its BYOB. No drinks will be supplied. You can bring as much alcohol as you want to consume.

Can I smoke on board?

No. Smoking is not allowed. If we notice any smoking, an additional detailing fee may be applied. You get unlimited stops so when you want a smoke break, just tell your driver and they will pull over when it's safe.

Can I bring some food on board?

Yes, but don't make a mess. Any cleaning may be subject to a clean-up fee.

How do I put a deposit down?

When the booking is confirmed, a valid credit card needs to be put on your account.

How should I tip the driver?

A minimum tip is included in your hourly rate so you do not have to tip any additional if you don't want to. It would be greatly appreciated though. If they did a really good job and you liked them, it's a great way to show your thanks.